Adventures and misadventures

20161225_180023Far, far away in the midst of a pine forest, there lived…

Far, far away in the middle of the pine forest, lived gnomes. They lived in a small town where no one knew about them. They worked in the fields doing woodwork. All of them were small and happy gnomes with different personalities. But one of them was different from the others. He was not happy, he was always sad. He was the biggest gnome in town. He was one meter high and the others were half a meter high. No one wanted either to work or to play with him.

 One day, our gnomo walked along the beach. He went across the forest. He walked distracted and fell into a deep well. It was very dark inside the well. He heard strange sounds near him.
He took  his backpack, a flashlight and next to him he found a rope. He climbed up the wall of the well with the rope and went out of the well.
Long ago our gnome had met his other friends to go to the countryside on Eastern holidays, where they would go hiking, climbing and camping.  They  hang out and one of them  thought about the idea of following Henry Morgan’s steps.  Henry Morgan was a famous pirate who travelled around the world.  It is Very good idea they said.
Map of Panama

But, one of them said:

Yes, it´s a very interesting trip, but it´s a long and very dangerous one. As the trip is long, we´ll need a lot of food and water. So we´ll need a very large boat. Another person says: But we don´t have any boat.

The first answers: we can build a boat. We can go to the sea and see how we can build it. We´re good carpenters and make anything with wood. Then a commission was chosen among the most expert carpenters and builders. The commission spent ten days in the seaport observing many ships and taking notes.

When the commission returned, the whole gnomo community said: “let’s get down to work”. The whole gnomo community started working perfectly and quickly. They started to build in early winter and by mid-spring the boat was finished.

They could start traveling along Henry Morgan route.
So they finished the ship and set off to the coasts of Panama. On their way to their destination they passed through Tortuga Island, where the pirate had his team base, and through Jamaica, where Henry Morgan had his house.
Pirate Ship

Finally our friends arrived the gnomes to Panama. They can make to film about the adventures  Henry Morgan pirate in this country.

They let´s get down to work and the film was played by Gnome Arnold Schwarzenegger, the main character was Gnome Jack Sparrow, the plot was by Gnome Bruce Willis and the soundtrack by Gnomes The Beatles. Even the film make in langue Spanish with the subtitles in English and this film not scary. That is the way everybody likes it.

They walked in old Panama. There were they remain the remains that were described before. All started when Henry Morgan arrived for the river Chagret Instead of doing it by the sea, this motive caused a big surprise the Spanish people and Panameños people. Since the Fort San Lorenzo they have the cannons pointing to the ocean and haven´t pointing to the river Chagret. This surprise factor was very important and decisive in the attack. Seeing the monumental debacle they could have against this pirate, they all went out to the street to fight it, they were put all possible obstacles in order to stop their advance, but in the end the Spanish governor gave the order to destroy the whole city before that the pirate will plunder.

Tower of the Cathedral, Panama

The pirate Henry Morgan was interested in steal everything the booty.  He had calculated that the booty he could get would be about 3000 mules loaded with gold and silver, but only managed to gather 175 mules.

During filming the gnomes they visited the Fort de San Lorenzo, where there started everything, They also visited Tower of the Cathedral, which has a height of 30 meters and allows the visitor to appreciate a panoramic view of the colonial city and the modern city, from there the gnomes saw the Trump tower with its 70 heights, is a tower of spectacular beauty that shines with its own light.

Fort de San Lorenzo, Panama

They did not hesitate in the plot to take some scenes of the most affluent houses near the Cathedral. Nor of the house of the Genoveses where the slaves were marketed, the House of the Bishop, the Convent of the nuns of the order of the Immaculate Conception which also had its own cistern, the Convent of the Jesuits and the Augustinians Recoletos could not be missing in the film.

Despite the hardness of the film was not filmed like a drama, but as a documentary, as this is the recent History of Panama, you can also enjoy many adventures in this film. Here wasn´t  gansters neither detectives, alone some bandits  that they wanted to take the law on their own at the expense of others But everything did not go well with this pirate. This was his last theft…

Pirate Henry Morgan

When finished the film our gnomes wased very happy and proud of it. So they thought in the compete to the Oscar de Hollywood. They are interested in win an Oscar.

Sure that if you see the movie love with!!!!

Of course!!!! They won an Oscar to the best adventure film and the best movie director. The gnomes were invited to many TV programmes and to the radio. They started a world tour, they visited Paris, London, Madrid….To sum up they were world famous…

Oscar to the best adventure film and the best movie director
They were especially honesth and very generous and the BBC made them a very human and fun interview . They said:  we have worked hardly to make the film and we have made millions of dolars,  so we are going to give these benefits to our poor friends in the forest.
The tour was fantastic but stressful enough and one day an accident happened : Wendy, the oldest gnome couldn’ t stand so much pressure beecause of the news media and felt ill. She was in hospital some days.

Fortunately, she recovered soon and left hospital very happy….so, the gnomes took a break and they went to Monaco.

Here, in Monaco there will be more adventures.



After leaving the suitecases in the hotel,  they decided to go for dinner to forget the bad memories, they went to an Irish pub, called Open Until Dawn. The pub was nice.


There were many types of beer, also a big stage. Suddenly the lights went off. There was total silence, everybody was quiet.


Pub Open Until Dawn
Pub Open Until Dawn






Now a strong guitar solo was heard from the stage, the lights turned on again, he was Jimmy Hendrix!” It’s not possible! He died a long time ago!”, said one of the gnomes.


All the public took their pistols and shot to the roof shouting Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! They became demons. It’s like being at the gates of hell, a nightmare! And then…




“However someone said it, “BEER”, the forbbiden Word!! Suddenly everywhere shuddered and in a cloud of dust, everything desappeared.


The oldest gnome was found in his old mushroom, he wrote unknown words that floated in the air: infographic, downloading, software, bandwidth… He looked at them, but didn’t remember what had happened.







When he read ‘virtual’ he understood that he was in another reality.”


Finally, he woke up, our gnome had been 24 hours with delusions and hallucinations.

Totally recovered and in good shape, he went to find his friends to see which film would  win the Oscars that they were going to miss.

Some of his ideas were travelling to the great wall in China, the Roman Coliseum, the pyramids of Egypt.

The commission

The decision would be taken in the Commission, and after voting, the majority decided unanimously to travel to the great wall in China.


The Great Wall in China.

Now they would decide who would do the script, who would  be the producer, the main character, the actors, the soundtrack and would begin to shoot the film.

Is this maybe the begin the time of Qin Shi Huang Di?…

To be continued…


One day, during the visit to the Great Wall of China, they walked and they enjoyed the history before their eyes.

It´s wonderful said a gnome. They thought that work was very hard and more than 2000 years ago, without technology and without so many machines. It was incredible that construction only with the man’s hand. But right when they were contemplating the wall, a part  of it collapsed.

Collapse of the Great Wall of China

That was awesome. No one could believe it.

The gnomes create a commission to talk to the Chinese authorities and take charge of the reconstruction. Among them there were engineers, archaeologists, stone masons, etc. The Chinese authorities gave them permission and they began to work.

To direct the work was designated to an engineer and an archaeologist, both recognized worldwide, for his seminars, conferences, etc.

But among them they did not agree very much and had discrepancies:

So it will not fall again. This time I will put cement.                           – Said the Engineer-

Engineer Gnomo

No. In this reconstruction I prefer use materials of the time.         -Said the Archaeologist-

Archaeologist Gnomo

Jajjja. To fall again?                                                                                    -Engineer-

Oh no!  It may be quality materials but without forgetting the aesthetics.                                                                                                      -Archaeologist-

I like bricks and cement.                                                                             -Engineer-

The beginning of the wall was made with mud.                               -Archaeologist-

We could put some bricks and cover them with plaster.                   -Engineer-

That would not beautiful. This would be o bad job!!!!                      -Archaeologist-

Well, you prefer bricks and I prefer mud. You are engineer. Find a solution, please.                                                                                         -Archaeologist-

Ok my friend. Do not worry!!!!                                                                 -Engineer-

I have the solution. We can rebuild whit mud brick, twenty-first century technology.                                                                                     -Engineer-

After a few days of hard work the repair was ready.


Our gnomes had concluded yet another adventure. All were happy, the Chinese authorities thanked the nomos for their effort and dedication, and to that piece of wall they named it the “step of the gnome.”